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Online Teachers Course

Outline of the topic

Parent engagement as strategy for more successful students and how it can be applied for a more inclusive school especially with students with immigrant background.

The education of children and young people from migrant backgrounds and with different backgrounds remains a major challenge for Europe. For a good integration it is important to help them to be well integrated into the education system and, through this, into society.

The complex nature of inclusion therefore requires a multidimensional response, to favor “parent engagement”. Parents, teachers, school staff, wider stakeholders with the appropriate skills (such as intercultural mediators, psychologists and other community-based organizations from the sports, cultural environment and active citizenship sectors, local authorities and others) can to be the supporters of this integration, overcoming the difficulties usually existing in the relationship between school and families of other cultures. For this reason, in recent years, in every nation, there are many projects that bring families closer to schools for a good involvement of parents and for a more inclusive school, especially with students with a  migrant background.

Above all, school-family interaction and cooperation is essential, but at the same time teachers need support to continuously develop their knowledge and skills, through:

  • Continuous training on the issues of inclusion and integration
  • Tools to encourage teachers to strengthen ties with parents and local communities;
  • Informal learning
  • Peer learning
  • Creating a healthy physical environment for activity with parents and the community, associations, cultural mediators and other interested parties

The growth and improvement of this highly multicultural society can ultimately only happen through a process of collaboration between families and school.