Online Teachers Course

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Online Teachers Course

Why is it relevant?

The topic of language issues, refers to practical applications that are based on the theoretical background. The applications proposed in relation to theory are expected to play the role of proposals that will be implemented with the objective to facilitate and encourage students’ social inclusion. Through the use of cultural diversity and multilingualism sensitizes students to the diversity of languages in terms of listening, writing, structure, language synthesis, etc., with the aim of students being able to gradually, linguistically and culturally become familiar with more than one language.

In specific, thought the use of multilingualism, students are able to:

  • Develop interest and curiosity for the structure and function of languages including the mother tongue
  • Realize that there are not only differences between languages, but also similarities.
  • Practice their listening to different languages.
  • Recognize the similarities between words in different languages.
  • Recognize and memorize written or audio elements of a non-familiar language, as well as compare them with elements of his / her mother tongue.
  • Use reference combinations necessary for a translingual approach.
  • Communicate, in part, in the absence of a common language code.