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Online Teachers Course

Outline of the topic

Alone we can do so little: Together we can do so much’”
Helen Keller

Collaboration is the ability to share ideas and thoughts openly alongside another person and to come up with a combined answer, response, and our solution about a special topic or issue. It is an ability to combine different notions, beliefs and theories into the concrete explanation and a solution that is a reflection of the diversity of the group itself. Cooperative learning is a key aspect of collaboration. It is the ability to work with more than one person toward a desired goal. It is the idea of working together or teamwork towards something that can not be achieved on one’s own.

What role does teacher collaboration play in better teaching? Please see the video in order to understand it:

Teachers who are collaborating more frequently:

  1. use innovative teaching practises more often in the classroom
  2. find themselves more confident and effective in their teaching
  3. are more satisfied in their job.